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2 years ago


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Market Place: Wax Museum
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Anyone in the Baltimore vicinity: I am performing at the 8 by 10 on Friday, August 26th. I am really excited about this show! The 8 by 10 is one of my favorite venues, and it means a lot to me because I used to perform there all the time with my old band 20-ish years ago at this point.
Also, some of my favorite people are also on the show! The Palmer Squares and The Grilled Lincolns are performing and they are not only dope musicians, but good friends of mine as well.
This show is being put on by Bishop Records, a Bmore based company that sells vinyl records for all the acts on the show. Thanks so much to Jason Bishop for putting this together.
I am posting this because the show is going to sell out... and you should get tickets now rather than waiting until the last minute!

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